Dear Entrepreneur: Are You A Motorist or Are You The Bridge?

The Dear Entrepreneur series of blogs are written by Retech’s COO, Lebogang Mokubela, in hopes of inspiring young entrepreneurs in South Africa to effectively pursue their business interests and affect change in their communities.


A motorist, no matter what kind of car he/she is driving, cannot get to the ‘other side’ without a bridge. He may drive a super-charged, 50 million litre car, driving at 1000 km/h, it will still be extremely difficult to get to the ‘other side’ without the use of a bridge. You see, motorists, are those kind of people that follow trends, they rely on the ‘world’ to give them ‘direction’ and ‘purpose’.  They are forever worried about their “street cred” while their “growth cred” is basically non-existent.

The bridge on the other hand, despite the weight of all different kinds of trucks & cars driving over it,  stands firm in its growth, beliefs, goals, aspirations and purpose. The bridge also grants the motorist a path to pass – they give direction. They are market leaders.

The bridge kind of person does not mind being a loner, as long as their ultimate goal is realized. The bridge is a dreamer. A persistent mind, able to create and grow. The bridge is a catalyst of change. The world needs more bridges!

“Are you the bridge or are you the motorist?” 
Are you going to be the instrument of change or will you remain a statistic?
Let’s grow my family!

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