Dear Entrepreneur: Want to Succeed? Build Great Teams!

It is no secret that we CANNOT do ALL things on our own. It is by reason that we were all created with unique and diverse gifts and talents. With that in mind, getting into the subject of this post – if you want to succeed in whatever you want to pursue, build great teams to aid in the execution.

By great teams, I mean:

- People who share in your enthusiasm 
- People who are ready to be relentless in executing
- People who make it their mission to be exceptional in EVERYTHING they do. Do NOT let anyone waste your time with mediocrity!

No business is run by a CEO alone. The CEO needs his senior, middle and junior management to help him/her carry out the vision. The same applies for you.

Another point I have to emphasise is that the key word in this post is BUILD; a common misconception I see in many companies is that senior management usually look for team members that are already ‘great’. Being a leader is first and foremost about being able to cultivate greatness in the team you already have. Find able men to carry out your vision, build and cultivate them and stretch forth!
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