Retech ROI is having the freedom to make informed decisions in a matter of minutes by giving you the access to key information in your business, even when you are on holiday.

Why Retech ROI was developed?

  • A need in the market was realized, where retailers did not have the privilege of quick access to their operational information, which led to loss of sales due to stock issues and red flags not escalated timeously.

How much is Retech ROI?
Charged at R495 per license (This excludes tablet devices. Tablets can be rented from Retech, at a separate cost of R295 per tablet).

    • This includes:
      • Point of Sale Management
      • Material for all outlets.
      • Weekly reporting on stock across each outlet and field person.
      • Ensuring minimum POS holding per Region
      • Red Flag Issue Management
      • Weekly reporting and analysis of all issues.
      • Field Operations
      • Monitoring of daily Statistics and capacity planning.
      • Promotions / Store Openings and Closing
      • Audit management.
      • Training Management
      • Database Management
      • Asset Management
      • Full business intelligence function that provides reporting on all activity, providing an accurate synopsis which is Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Cyclically, Quarterly and Annually to all stakeholder levels (different reports for different levels) showing activity against objectives and targets as well as trends to allow proactive decision making for the business.
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • 24/7 Support


  • You can increase you sales by 17%, by knowing what stock you have on hand, and knowing which stock sells more than others.
  • ROI assists clients in improving their sales by 40% month on month.
  • 49% of all sales lost are due to a lack of stock on hand.